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BSCI COC BSCI 行为准则 是BSCI结社自由与集体谈判权审核标准主要参考之一

Business partners shall: (a) respect theright of workers to form unions in a free and democratic way; (b) notdiscriminate against workers because of trade union membership and (c) respectworkers right to bargain collectively.

Business partners shall not prevent workers representatives from havingaccess to workers in the workplace or from interacting with them. © Copyright FTA 2014 BSCI Codeof Conduct - Public Document V. 1/2014 5/9

When operating in countries where trade unionactivity is unlawful or where free and democratic trade union activity is notallowed, business partners shall respect this principle by allowing workers tofreely elect their own representatives with whom the company can enter intodialogue about workplace issues.







Most relevant National or Province law (wherestricter than related national law) BSCI相关程度最高的国家与各省法律(比国家法律严格)

Per rule of trade Union Law of the People'sRepublic of China, article 3: All workers doing physical or mental work inenterprises within Chinese territory who earn their living primarily from wagesshall have the right to participate in and form trade union organizationspursuant to the law, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, occupation,religious beliefs or level of education.


Per rule of trade Union law of the People'sRepublic of ChinaArticle 38: When discussing major issues on operation, management anddevelopment, the enterprise or institution shall listen to the opinions of thetrade union. The trade union in an enterprise or institution shall have itsrepresentative(s) attending any meetings held by the enterprise or institutionto discuss matters on wages, welfare, occupational safety and health, socialinsurance and other questions related to the immediate interests of the workersand staff members. An enterprise or institution shall support the trade unionin carrying out its activities in accordance with law, and the trade unionshall support the enterprise or institution in exercising its power ofoperation and management in accordance with law.



Per rule of PRC Employment Law article 3:Labourers shall have the right to be employed on an equal basis, chooseoccupations, obtain remuneration for their labour, take rest, have holidays andleaves, obtain protection of occupational safety and health, receive trainingin a vocational skills, enjoy social insurance and welfare, and submitapplications for settlement of labour disputes, and other rights related tolabour as stipulated by law.

BSCI审核参考依据:《中华人民共和国劳动法》第三条 劳动者享有平等就业和选择职业的权利、取得劳动报酬的权利、休息休假的权利、获得劳动安全卫生保护的权利、接受职业技能培训的权利、享受社会保险和福利的权利、提请劳动争议处理的权利以及法律规定的其它劳动权利


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